Current Beacon Scholars

To win a Beacon Scholarship candidates must show strong evidence of:

  1. Exceptional academic ability; and
  2. Excellence in sport, music or drama; and
  3. Outstanding interpersonal skills; and
  4. Model citizenship

Girl doing school workOur scholars have demonstrated these characteristics, and continue to do so in order to continue to qualify as Beacon Scholars.

The aim is that eventually a Beacon Scholar will make a real difference to their country’s development by attaining a significant decision-making position, from which they can positively impact the lives of many others. Rather than investing in educating thousands, we aim to educate a handful of exceptional leaders who will, in turn, influence thousands through their actions.

We are seeking potential leaders, so we look for and assess children who are all-rounders. They must be able to present strong evidence of leadership potential as defined in the four areas above. They must also be Kenyan nationals aged 6-21 who have held or are capable of holding positions of responsibility.