Alvin Kubasu

Alvin Large16 years old, attending Alliance High School (Boys) in Nairobi. Alvin was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in January 2017.

Alvin is in Form 2 at Alliance. He scored 421/500 in his KCPE exams, is currently in the top 10 of his class, and was named the most improved student at the end of Form 1. Alvin is a true all-rounder: as well as being academically strong he was the first ever Form 1 student at Alliance to take part in the Secondary School Games (East Africa Level) in basketball, was awarded a 'Best Actor' certificate in the inter-class drama competition, and is an active member of the debating club.

Alvin is from a divorced family and lives with his mother who runs a small business. In his assessment he showed strong evidence of determination, courage and resilience, preferring to work behind the scenes in motivating others. He hopes to become a military scientist - coming up with reliable maps; engineering weapons to make them more environmentally friendly; working on developing cars which pollute the air less; and building helicopters which are less noisy.