Alvin Kubasu

Alvin large16 years old, attending Alliance High School (Boys) in Nairobi. Alvin was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in January 2017.

Alvin is in Form 2 at Alliance. He is strong in chemistry and physics, and is a key contributor to his school basketball team. His basketball skills are at a national standard for his age. He participated  in house music and elocution, and is a strong motivator among boys of his age group, including in pushing for his class to come top in inter-class football.

Alvin is a true all-rounder: as well as being academically strong he was the first ever Form 1 student at Alliance to take part in the Secondary School Games (East Africa Level) in basketball, and was awarded a 'Best Actor' certificate in the inter-class drama competition. In his Beacon assessment he showed strong evidence of determination, courage and resilience, preferring to work behind the scenes in motivating others. He hopes to become a military scientist .

Alvin is from a divorced family and lives with his mother who runs a small business.

Beacon Workshop Participation 

Alvin's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was on clearing up ground being used as a rubbish dump in his local community.


Click here to view his Presentation Slides. 


Alvin is confident and charismatic, a great participator, and always tries to take others with him. He is creative and looks at things differently. In the Leadership Workshops he regularly put himself forward as project presenter, and often came up with innovative ideas.