Amy Migunda

Amy Large14 years old, attending St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi. Amy was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June, 2015.

Amy throws herself into her school work with great enthusiasm, and has an excellent record of achieving almost all ‘1’ for Effort throughout the year. She also won the Yr 9 Attainment prize in Spring Term, and a Headmaster’s letter for being in the top 3 for Credits in the Christmas term. She contributes well in class and is unafraid to challenge other viewpoints. Amy set herself specific challenges on the sports field, and achieved them all; she is positive and determined, and has all-round sporting ability. She has also been very active in the Arts, taking 3 external exams in the third term, Grade 5 music theory in April, and a main part in the school play in her first term. Her role as a Tutor Rep in the boarding house will give her good experience of representing her peer group, as well as organising House activities.

At Leadership Workshops, Amy was a good team player, very encouraging to others and an effective communicator. She has good, fast problem-solving skills.

Amy's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was about 'The KSPCA'. View a video of her presentation:

Click here to view Presentation.

Amy's father runs his own marketing agency, and her mother works in Citibank. Both are highly committed to Amy's education.