Awuor Onguru

Awuor Large14 years old, attending International School of Kenya (ISK), Nairobi. Awuor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2015. 

Awuor adjusted well to a new style of learning at ISK. She has good Habits of Learning, scoring well on Collaboration, Engagement and Personal Responsibility. She is dynamic, focussed, and innovative and always participates actively in class. She did exceptionally well in Music and on her Capstone Project, and gained five top marks overall in Semester 2. Receiving the Director’s Award for Creative & Critical Thinking was the icing on the cake for a very successful first year at ISK. She has been elected Year Group Rep for 2016/17.

Awuor is a great participator so it's hard for her to decide where to focus her extra-curricular efforts; this year, in addition to Music, she prioritised swimming and the World Scholars competition. Awuor communicates well with her peers, taking them with her in projects. She is well-liked and respected, a natural leader. Her participation in MUN as a delegate for Mexico gave her a chance to improve her skills at public speaking. Awuor throws herself into her Service projects with a genuine wish to make a difference. Her consistent work at Lighthouse Grace Academy through two semesters brought great results for the children, as well as teaching Awuor the value of perseverance.

At Leadership Workshops Awuor came across as a natural speaker, able to engage the audience even with limited time. She related well to other Scholars and got involved quickly in all tasks, with good judgement.

Awuor's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was on 'Music in the Ghetto'. View a video of her presentation:

Awuor's father runs an advertising agency, and her mother works at Unicef. Both are highly committed to Awuor's education.