Awuor Onguru

Awuor Large15 years old, attending International School of Kenya (ISK), Nairobi. Awuor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2015. 

Awuor graduated 9th grade with High Honours, total score 48 out of 56; she did particularly well in Creative Writing. All teachers remark on her enthusiastic, open-minded, hard-working attitude, and she continues to score well on Habits of Learning and CASL (Creativity, Activity, Service, and Learning/Leadership). Awuor shines in Music; she performed in a string Ensemble at a school concert; and represented ISK at ISSEA Festival in Johannesburg, playing lead violin. She was made captain of the Junior Varsity hockey team, and won the Coaches’ Choice award at the end of the season. Awuor has won a significant additional scholarship given by her school to girls who show academic excellence and leadership qualities.

Awuor is already an effective Change-maker: she started up a Middle School World Scholars Cup club, persuaded 10 girls to join, and successfully coached them so that they all qualified for the next round. As Class Rep last year, she worked to build team spirit and break down divisions; she initiated a Lock-in/Movie night for Grade 9, which had a great turn-out and very positive feedback. Awuor rose to the challenge of re-creating the Ghetto Classics music library after a fire, bringing in others to help. She has taught violin beginners to read music, and has played with two violinists from Ghetto Classics in the Safaricom Youth Orchestra.

Awuor's father runs an advertising agency, and her mother works at Unicef. Both are highly committed to Awuor's education.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Awuor's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project continued her work with Ghetto Classics. 


At Leadership Workshops she has had great stage presence, asking questions and wanting to be involved. She has strong influence among her peers and is very good at marshalling her team to work on various tasks. She is witty and considerate when criticizing others, and patient with the more reserved members of her group.