Betty Kunyada

Betty Small

11 years old, attending St. Andrew's Preparatory School, Turi. Betty was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in February 2012.

Betty is a pupil of above average ability who has worked well and made very good progress. She has recently been added to the school’s Gifted and Talented register for Maths ability. She has extended her reading, enjoying different reading genres and is now contributing more actively in most classes. Betty displays a keen interest in Music. She has started the clarinet as well as continuing to learn piano and taking her piano prep test exam. She is a member of the Junior Orchestra, the Junior Wind Ensemble and the Middle School choir. She has continued with LAMDA, worked hard preparing for and sitting the Grade 2 exam. This year she has also represented the school in the Athletics team as U11 high jumper and relay runner, and has continued to improve her swimming.

Betty has acted as a Junior Librarian and was made a Junior Prefect. She has tried hard to demonstrate leadership qualities and be a good role model, performing her duties conscientiously and always being punctual. She did particularly well to achieve many recognitions for taking responsibility in the school’s leadership programme. Betty has tried, despite her other commitments, to help in the boarding house with the youngest pupils. She has also set aside time in the morning to read with the younger girls. She is always well behaved and well mannered.

Betty's parents are both social workers with The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme which supports over 4,000 orphans, many as a result of HIV/AIDS. A charity sponsor is committed to providing support for Betty's education.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Betty's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was about water pollution. 


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


In Leadership Workshops Betty worked well within the team, being flexible and a good listener. She is also not afraid to speak up, and the other scholars like her and listen to her.