Chrisphus Magwaro

Christophus large

15 years old, attending Starehe Boys' Centre & School, Nairobi. Chrisphus was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in December 2017.

Chrisphus is in Form 2 at Starehe. He stands top of his year group, has maintained an average A grade in his first year, and his favourite subjects are Mathematics, English and Biology. He is in the junior football team, plays tennis, and is part of the school choir, singing soprano. The choir reached the national finals during a recent music festival.

Chrisphus was voted Class President, with responsibility for ensuring silence in a class, and updating the Senior Master on class progress. He is reported as having good leadership skills, and is determined and highly self-disciplined.

Chrisphus mentors primary school children on academics and teenage problems - on Sundays students from his previous school and on Wednesdays students from a nearby village. He has also done community service at a Nairobi hospital.

Chrisphus's mother is deceased; his father is currently unemployed and relies on income from subsistence farming.