Darryl Ursin

Darryl Large19 years old, attending the London School of Economics, UK. Darryl was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2016.

Darryl completed his first year and achieved a First Class grade overall, with what LSE said were a very impressive set of results. He is studying for a BSc in Actuarial Science. He spent his first year adjusting to life in London, a far cry from his previous experience in Nairobi. He attended rugby training, until for various reasons funding was withdrawn by LSE from the sport. He then focused on rowing and weight training. He became event manager for the Sci-fi Society, organising several activities and events. During his holidays he volunteered at the East London Day Centre for Crisis at Christmas, and was a temporary tutor for Coachbright Foundation over Easter.

Darryl is interning at UAP (Old Mutual) in Nairobi during the summer, 2018.

Darryl's Mum lives and works in Nairobi. LSE supports Darryl for the parental share of his education.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Darryl's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project involved understanding the treatment of orphans at a Children's Home in Kenya. 
Click here to view his Presentation Slides.
Darryl has shown a propensity for leadership, but because he was at university he was unable to attend leadership workshops held in Kenya. However, team leaders identified that he clearly has potential: he has a natural flair and charisma, as well as being very captivating, with a great stage presence.