Denis Kiragu

Denis large16 years old, attending Starehe Boys' Centre & School, Nairobi. Denis was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in January 2017.

Denis is in Form 2 at Starehe. He stands first in his class, with a mark average of 88%, and is a straight A student. He played for the school hockey team, and undertook community service at St Brigid's School and Katarina Children's Home. This year, at Starehe, he has implemented a library improvement programme, designed to improve the system of book borrowing.

Denis also shares his knowledge and skills with other children and has coached his peers in primary school and at Starehe to do well in class. At Starehe, where there is an internal peer mentoring system, those he has mentored have become among their class’s top 5 students.

Denis says he wants to fight corruption in the country and is tired of rogue engineers who build substandard structures for the country and get away with it. As a future civil engineer, he wants to build quality roads and buildings.

Denis's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was about mentoring disadvantaged children at a Children's Home. View a video of his presentation:

Click here to view Presentation Slides.

Denis is the eldest in his family and lives with his mother, who is a hairdresser, and his sister on a small rented plot in Karatina.