Farzana Huysman

Fazana Large

20 years old, attending The University of Cambridge, UK.

Farzana has completed the second year of a 4-year engineering degree (MEng) at Trinity College Cambridge. She was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May, 2015.

Farzana obtained a First Class grade overall in both her first and second years. She participated in dancesport, boxing, touch rugby, and developed a workout regime, but her biggest extracurricular sport was football where she was Vice-captain of her College team. She applied and was chosen early in the year as a host for a panel of senior women in STEM careers at a Future Leaders Conference in London. She also promoted Trinity women’s football: recruiting new team members, developing training regimes, organising socials, and designing new football kit. She stood for and got elected to the Trinity Students Union as the Computing & Publicity Officer, and was nominated to represent engineering student views during the accreditation assessment of the engineering department. Finally, she helped students from Kenya applying to Cambridge and paved the way for one student from her previous school in obtaining an offer. 

Farzana is interning at McKinsey and Company in London during the summer, 2018.

Farzana's parents are in the tourism industry which has been badly hit following the recent terrorist attacks in Kenya and are therefore now also turning to farming. They are, however, highly committed to Farzana's education.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Farzana's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project continued her work encouraging girls into STEM. 


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


At the Leadership Workshops she impressed with her leadership, wanting to use her platform and experiences to encourage girls to join her in STEM. She is a 'behind-the-scenes' motivator, offering good vocal encouragement and leadership. She wants others to excel.