Gloria Tergat

Gloria Large16 years old, attending St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi. Gloria was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in March 2013.

Gloria has worked hard to try to achieve her predicted A, A* grades at iGCSE. Her general attitude and her Effort grades improved markedly from Term 1 to Term 2, when she also won the Junior History and Drama prizes. Gloria’s main extra-curricular focus this year was on drama. She partially directed a scene in the school production, and arranged the programme; she also took a LAMDA exam and won the duet category in Interhouse Music. Gloria was appointed Assistant House Captain in Term 1. At the Scholars Weekend in Term 2 she gave a speech about Legacy Leaders, which was very well received. She also became a peer mentor during the year. On the Service side, Gloria created a student volunteer rota and posters at Viso, and also worked on the fundraising stall for the Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust.

At Leadership Workshops, Gloria showed good public speaking skills, and sensitivity to different age groups within the audience. She is a great participator and problem-solver, and is influential with her peers.

Gloria's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was about 'Building Dorms for FGM Girls'. View a video of her presentation:

Gloria's father is a retired athlete and army officer; her mother runs a small business.