Grace Muema

Grace Large

10 years old, attending Peponi House Preparatory School, Nairobi. Grace was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2014.

Grace has a positive attitude and a pleasing work ethic, achieving her targets and attaining a good standard. Her effort grades are all 1s or 2s. She has become an avid reader, which has also greatly enhanced the clarity of her own written work. She has a critical mind and likes to challenge new ideas. She contributes well in most lessons and brings a love of learning and a joie de vivre to all tasks.Grace worked hard, passing her London College of Music Voice exam with Merit and singing at a teatime concert. She has made good progress with her swimming and moved up to a higher ability group. She has also done well in tennis, gymnastics and netball and enjoyed participating in girls’ cricket. Her confidence on the sports’ field has blossomed this year, and she responds well to her teachers’ advice on how to develop her skills.

Grace’s leadership skills are improving and she was supportive of others when problem solving on the Yr 5 trip. She is prepared to stand up for others and for what she knows is right. She is inclusive of others in group work, is very involved and uses her initiative. She was made Form Captain in Term 2, is popular with her peers and actively involved in class activities. Grace was confident and knowledgeable delivering her 2016 summer project on elephants and has shown ongoing interest by fostering an elephant at the Sheldrick Trust. She successfully took part in the Nairobi Hospice walk, and shows a keen interest in what’s going on in the world.

Grace's father works in consulting, farming and real estate; her mother works in the NGO sector. Both are highly committed to Grace's education and future.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Grace's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project reflected her continued interest in animal conservation, particularly elephants. 


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


At Leadership Workshops Grace has the knack of balancing confidence, great knowledgeability and humour. She answered questions well and was positive, interactive and a good contributor, especially in brainstorming.