Jeremie Basset

Jeremy Large18 years old, attending Peponi School, Nairobi. Jeremie was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in August 2012.

Jeremie is determined to become an engineer. He is working hard to achieve the grades he needs to pursue his dream. He has been a member of the school football team, plays the guitar and has been working at a local children's home in the holidays. For his summer Citizenship project he taught art at Cheryl's Children's Home which caters to orphans aged 8-12. At the same time he is mentoring them and trying to encourage them by 'showing them the possibilities of their ambitions'.

At Leadership Workshops Jeremie is quiet, but makes strong contributions at critical points. He is cooperative, perceptive and diplomatic, though still needs to display more self-confidence.

Jeremie's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was about 'Art with Orphans'.  View a video of his presentation:

Click here to view Presentation.

Jeremie’s parents are separated. His father is French, and a civil engineer working on international projects. Jeremie lives with his Kenyan mother who is establishing a business.