Johnblayer Ngari

Johnblayer large14 years old, attending Alliance High School (Boys) in Nairobi. Johnblayer was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in January 2018.

Johnblayer is in Form 2 at Alliance. He stands top in his class, and has a particular interest in chemistry. He leads discussions in chemistry, especially on Sunday afternoons when he hosts a group helping other students understand the subject.

Last year Johnblayer represented his school in a drama festival where the school received an award for coming second. Johnblayer was voted best actor in the play that the school presented. He actively participates in the Red Cross Society, has helped out in local dispensaries near his home, and has been described as courageous and principled. He loves taking nature walks, observing birds, and wants to become an aeronautical engineer.

Johnblayer prides himself in being able to change people's way of thinking, for example where he lives he introduced ideas such as crop rotation to farmers who previously 'monocropped' their harvests.

Both Johnblayer's parents eke out a living from a small farm which brings in very little income.