Joy Lelei

Joy large18 years old, attended St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi. Joy was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in February 2012.

Joy has completed her A-Levels and is now on a gap year. She has been a School Prefect and initiated a Workers Day where support staff at her school were appreciated for their efforts.

Joy is currently doing an internship at the Kenya Medical Association to build some experience before deciding on a course of undergraduate study. She has been actively re-engaging with her networks, and is hopeful of involvement in a variety of project experiences over the next year.

At Leadership Workshops Joy has matured into a very people-centred Scholar who is  warm and considerate towards everyone around her. She works well with fellow Scholars and is a confident presenter. She creates a welcoming aura that allows anyone to work with her, and ensures that all members of her group contribute as expected

Joy's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was on Networks. View a video of her presentation:

Click here to view Presentation Slides.

Joy's father and mother are both retired.