Lawrence Mutua

Lawrence Large11 years old, attending St. Andrew's Preparatory School, Turi. Lawrence was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June, 2014.

Lawrence achieved the targets he set himself for Effort and Progress, with his overall grades improving throughout the year. In Term 3 he won 5 Phoenix Stamps (the most in the school), and the Progress prize for his class. All his teachers report that he is quick to learn, neat and meticulous in the presentation of his work, and contributes well in class. Lawrence is fit, athletic, and very competitive on the sports field. He has been a valuable player in the U11 rugby, football and cricket teams, including as captain, and won medals for ball-throwing. As class rep on the Student Council, he has actively raised and discussed issues. He was appointed dorm captain and really enjoyed helping the younger boys.

In Leadership Workshops his public speaking improved markedly, particularly when talking about a subject he cares deeply about. He is creative, a good problem-solver, and a natural leader.

Lawrence's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Presentation was about 'Informal Settlements'. View a video of his presentation:


Click here to view Presentation.

Lawrence comes from a highly disadvantaged background. He is supported by a sponsor who is extraordinarily committed to him and his family.