Lawrence Mutua

Lawrence large12 years old, attending St. Andrew's Preparatory School, Turi. Lawrence was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June, 2014.

Lawrence has done well to improve on his effort and progress grades each term and to achieve most of his exam target grades. His teachers report that he is an able, attentive, focused pupil who participates enthusiastically in class, doing especially well in History and Geography, subjects which he obviously loves. He has won 6 Phoenix stamps and represented his class in a Verse Speaking Festival in Term 3, in which he did extremely well. Lawrence is a confident, competitive pupil who thrives on the sports field. He has taken part in the Cricket and Athletics A teams, winning Javelin in an upcountry athletics tournament. In Term 3 he has learnt to share his skills with his peers by assisting them when they struggle with sporting activities. He has been put forward for a Sports scholarship and was also considered for a Drama one. 

Lawrence has scored well on school leadership qualities, especially for taking responsibility. He also showed good leadership skills when he helped coach very young pupils in football. His Dorm points this year reflect a generally good attitude and positive contribution to boarding house life.

Lawrence's Beacon Citizenship project last summer was on the challenges of life in Nairobi’s informal settlements and his presentation was mature, articulate, confident and knowledgeable, showing leadership/Change-maker qualities. At school, Lawrence ran a stall in aid of TCP at the Viso fete.

Lawrence comes from a highly disadvantaged background. He is supported by a sponsor who is extraordinarily committed to him and his family.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lawrence's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was about understanding disparities between the Rich and the Poor. 


Click here to view his Presentation Slides.


In Leadership Workshops he expresses himself clearly and confidently and has a practical approach to problem solving. He is quick to volunteer and can work under pressure. He is a natural leader.