Lemuel Mandara

Lem Large14 years old, attending Shrewsbury School, UK. Lem was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in August, 2011.

In Common Entrance, Lem achieved 5 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 B/C, sufficient to gain him admission to Shrewsbury School in the UK. He did well to achieve the Science prize.

Lem is an enthusiastic contributor in Sport, Music and Drama. He has played for the 2nd team in hockey and rugby, and the 3rd in cricket. He had a leading role in the school play, wowing everyone with his performance, and winning the Drama prize for the year. He has been a valued member of the choir; and has performed guitar and piano at school concerts, also achieving a Pass at Grade 3 in both instruments. Lem was made dorm captain and is described as a sociable, calm and kind boy, valued by teachers and peers alike. Lem was a ‘force for the good’ in the boarding house, helpful around school and in at home. He did an excellent Beacon Citizenship project in summer 2016.

Lem's mother died in childbirth, and he was adopted by his aunt (deceased mother's sister) who is currently living in Tanzania. Lem's education in the UK is made possible by Shrewsbury School and several private sponsors.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lem's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was about the effects and impact of water pollution on communities living on the East African coastline.


Lem was not able to be present at the Symposium in person due to his impending departure to the UK, but nevertheless delivered his presentation via videolink.


In the Leadership Workshops Lem has good, confident stage presence. He grasps instructions fast, accommodates others’ views, and expresses himself clearly with valuable contributions.