Lemuel Mbaga

Lem Large12 years old, attending Pembroke House School, Gilgil. Lem was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in August, 2011.

Lem’s academics are strong, and his overall performance improved steadily so that in the last term he achieved 8 ‘A’ grades + 2 ‘A*’ for Achievement in the academic subjects. Lem is preparing for Grade 3 in piano and guitar, joined the Choir, played Rafiki in the Lion King, and met his target of playing occasionally for the second team in cricket, hockey and rugby. He is a very likeable boy who communicates well with his teachers, his peers, and the younger boys in his House. He helped new boys adjust to life in Pembroke, and was a conscientious dorm Prefect.

In the Leadership Workshops he tends to be rather quiet/reserved; however when he does make suggestions they are always well thought-out and well-received by others, and he is a great asset at the Workshops.

Lem's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was about 'Unclean Water'. View a video of tis presentation:


Click here to view Presentation.

Lem's mother died in childbirth, and he was adopted by his aunt (deceased mother's sister) who has recently set up a production, marketing, and events company.