Malaika Njema

Malaika Njema large12 years old, attending Pembroke House Preparatory School, Gilgil. Malaika was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May, 2013.

Malaika is a hard worker and continues to excel in the classroom, gaining 7 A* and 1A, and top Effort grades . She is receptive in class and quick to learn. Malaika is determined and sets herself clear targets in co-curricular activities – this year, to make the second team in rounders, hockey and netball. She achieved all of these and is reported to be a valued and diligent member of the team, and a good listener keen to improve her skills. She practised well for her Grade 4 piano and LAMDA exams and worked hard to improve her performance confidence, dancing in the Lion King and performing a piano piece at the Open Day concert. Malaika is popular and well-respected; she has continued to act effectively as a mediator in dorm disputes, and in her role as dorm prefect she has set a good example to the younger children. She has been appointed Deputy Head Girl of the School next year.

Malaika’s presentations at Leadership Workshops have been eloquent and well-prepared, and she has handled questions well. She is a great team player, and a good listener and thinker; her contributions are always good and respected by her peers.

Malaika's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was about 'Giraffe Conservation'. View a video of her presentation:


Click here to view Presentation.

Malaika's father is a manager in Coca-Cola; her mother works in the Ministry of Water.