Malaika Njema

Malaika Large13 years old, attending King's College Taunton, UK. Malaika was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May, 2013.

Malaika excelled in her King's Taunton Scholarship exams in January, coming in the top 5% of all scholarship candidates, and being awarded a full Academic Scholarship; she followed up with an impressive 4 A* and 4 A at Common Entrance in June. All her teachers report an excellent, hard-working, dedicated attitude towards her academic studies. She has been active on the sports field, gaining a place in the 1st Rounders and Hockey teams, and in the Sprints Athletics team for the 100m relay. She is also working towards Grade 5 piano.

Malaika performed her duties as Deputy Head Girl diligently, and was always helpful and reliable in the boarding house, setting a good example to others and continuing to mediate in dorm disputes; she is well-respected among her peers. Malaika did an excellent project at the Giraffe Centre last summer, and kept it ‘live’ during the year by making contact with noted Wildlife Conservationist Dr Paula Kahumbu in February, and by displaying and handing out brochures at school. This culminated in her becoming the youngest ever intern at Wildlife Direct. She also put up posters in the dorms encouraging children to save energy by switching off lights.

Malaika's father is a manager in Coca-Cola; her mother works in the Ministry of Water.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Malaika's Summer 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project was about raising awareness to enforce the conservation of endangered wildlife and prevention of extinction. 


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


Malaika’s presentations at Leadership Workshops have been eloquent and well-prepared, and she has handled questions well. She works well within a team, is co-operative, always interested and participates; she is a bright girl with great ideas.