Matilda Ndinda

Matilda Large12 years old, attending Pembroke House Preparatory School, Gilgil. Matilda was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in January 2012.

Matilda challenges herself, and has great potential. She was a valued member of the third team for various sports, and Player of the Season in Hockey. She is well liked at school, is popular with her peers and also good at helping younger students. She was appointed dorm prefect during the year, and has made posters about wasting water and electricity, her continuing concerns.

Her confidence and voice projection improved over the course of the Leadership Workshops and the various presentations she had to give. She is bubbly and enthusiastic relates well to all team members, and is a good motivator. People listen to her.

Matilda's Summer 2016 Beacon Citizenship Project was about 'Global Warming'. View a video of her presentation:


Click here to view Presentation.

Matilda's mother is a single parent, and works in the hospitality industry.