The Beacon Scholarship for Schools

The vision for the Beacon Scholarship is to provide access to local world class schools for talented  children who in the future would have the confidence and ability to become leaders in their chosen fields in their home country. 

To implement this vision The Beacon Equity Trust has partnered with some of the top schools in East Africa to provide scholarships for an all-round education that leaders of the future need. Up to five new scholarships a year are awarded to talented and gifted children.Threegirls

The Beacon Scholarships are aimed at children of secondary school age where the influence of such an all-round education can be most readily absorbed. In order to benefit from such an education, most children with leadership potential must already show some key traits:

  • strong intellect
  • determination
  • resourcefulness
  • willingness to compete
  • ethical conviction and courage
  • understanding of when to take calculated risks
  • ability to influence others
  • confidence among international peers
  • sense of community
  • moral duty, ie be prepared to help others and empathise with those less fortunate than themselves

All applicants for a Beacon Scholarship will be tested to ensure they have the potential to become future leaders. They will be asked to show evidence of the leadership traits above, and in order for the scholarship to be renewed each year they will be required to perform to a high level throughout their secondary school career.