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Scholars Day 2

Every academic year during school holidays three Leadership Events, called Scholars Leadership Days and Workshops, are held for Beacon Scholars  (click here for dates). Each event is organised around a structured agenda involving talks by invited speakers, service-led activities and project work - all focused on developing ethical leadership skills - and each is for the mixed age group of all Beacon Scholars. 

Attendance at all Scholars Leadership Events is compulsory for Beacon Scholars. The days are structured to encourage Scholars to interact and learn from one another, as well as gain insights from sources outside their normal home and school environment.

If a Scholar is unable to attend a Leadership Event for any reason their parent/guardian/sponsor should complete a Leadership Event Absence Form and get it authorised by a Beacon Equity Trust official. N.B. Failure to attend a Leadership Event without prior authorisation could result in a Beacon Scholarship being suspended.

Recent Scholars Leadership Events have included:

    • public speaking
    • creativity and lateral thinking
    • ethical leadership debating
    • understanding team roles
    • leading a team
    • role-playing
    • taking risks
    • innovating

For more information and photos on Leadership Events click here.


In the summer holidays Scholars are required to undertake a service-led project which generally involves community work. They then present their project to other Scholars and the Beacon Community during a Leadership Symposium at the end of the summer.

Click here for Guidelines


PLEASE NOTE: A Summer Citizenship Project Proposal must be submitted by 30 June and approved by the Beacon Rep.

Click here for a Proposal Form


Resources and Learning

TED Talks

Khan Academy


'Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts' - TED Talk 

We Betray Our Children by Making Them Afraid to Fail

What Makes a Great Leader