Financial Disclosure

In order for their child to qualify for a Beacon Scholarship parents must demonstrate financial need and undertake full and complete financial disclosure.

Parents or guardians must be committed both financially and educationally for their child to complete both primary and secondary education as a Beacon Scholar. The Beacon Scholarship is aimed at parents who can demonstrate financial need but are able to fund at least one third of the tuition fees for a Beacon Scholar.

PLEASE NOTE: It is unlikely that parents with an annual gross household income below US$20k or above US$80k will qualify.

Parents will be invited to complete a confidential Financial Disclosure form (see below) once their application has been reviewed. The Financial Disclosure form must be accompanied by electronic scans, in pdf or jpeg format, of the following documents and sent by email to The Beacon Equity Trust:

  • the most recent 6 months' payslips for each parent/guardian;
  • letter from each parents' employer verifying their annual income;
  • tax returns for the last 2 years for each parent/guardian;
  • if self-employed, financial statements verified by an accountant.

PLEASE NOTE: failure to submit the above-mentioned documents or to complete the Financial Disclosure form in full may lead to the instant disqualification of the applicant.

On receipt of the Financial Disclosure form and accompanying documents The Beacon Equity Trust will review the suitability of the application. Supplementary information may then be requested.

In addition parents will be required to:

  1. Complete a financial disclosure form on an annual basis or whenever required by The Beacon Equity Trust.
  2. Disclose any material change in financial circumstances to the Beacon School and The Beacon Equity Trust. Should financial circumstances improve, there may be some re-negotiation of the proportion of fees paid by parents.
  3. Give one full term's notice to both the Beacon School and The Beacon Equity Trust should parents change their minds about their child continuing as a Beacon Scholar.

The award of a Beacon Scholarship is for up to one-third of tuition fees only (including boarding where applicable). Parents are expected to cover additional costs such as the payment of any school deposit, school clothes, transport and extras such as school excursions and extra-curricular activities (eg music lessons).

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