New Scholar Eligibility

Up to five new Beacon Scholarships for Schools are awarded each academic year. Applicants must first complete an application form (see below) by the deadline. Applications are then evaluated by The Beacon Equity Trust for evidence of leadership potential using the following criteria:

(a) Academic Performance

Reports from the applicant's school are required as well as a personal recommendation from the Head. As a general guide, grades should be in the top decile of performance in an applicant's age or peer group.

(b) Achievement in Sport, Music or Drama

An applicant must demonstrate that they are more than just an active participant in sport, music or drama, with some formal level of proficiency or accreditation.


(c) Social Influence and Communication

The applicant must have held a position of responsibility in their school, or failing that provide some evidence of confidence amongst peers. They will be expected to undergo an interview which will give an indication of their aptitude and personality traits, and to participate in practical assessment exercises to establish their ability to form and develop relationships among peers.

(d) Citizenship

An applicant must show through examples that they have helped those less fortunate than themselves, or have done work in the community. Unselfishness, kindness and concern for others are key criteria for The Beacon Scholarship and Scholars will be required to show continuing evidence of their efforts in these areas.

(d) Other Factors

In addition to the above, other factors to be taken into account include:

    • Integration potential (which necessarily involves consideration of the applicant's competence in English)
    • The likely contribution of the applicant to other areas of school life
    • Age - to be considered for the Beacon Scholarship for Schools is 13-18 years
    • The applicant must be a Kenyan or Tanzanian National, i.e. have Kenyan or Tanzanian citizenship

Please note Opening Date for new applications. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no advantage will be gained by applying early. Applications received after the Closing Date will be considered for the next academic year.


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