Parental Commitment

The parent/guardian commitment is more than financial.  Parents must become an active part of the team educating a Beacon Scholar. They are expected to:

    • take an involved interest in the Beacon Scholar's progress at the school;
    • communicate regularly with teachers and make themselves available as a matter of priority with Beacon staff;
    • find ways to inspire the Beacon Scholar with confidence, and to ask for help when it is needed;
    • ensure teachers are treated with respect; address any and all disciplinary issues concerning the Beacon Scholar;
    • encourage involvement in good citizenship tasks, especially during school holidays;
    • attend parent/teacher conferences, and participate regularly in school events;
    • commit to the Beacon philosophy of developing leaders for the future by encouraging the Beacon Scholar to think about how they could make a difference to their country once they have finished their education.


The parents/guardian, the Beacon School and Trustees of The Beacon Equity Trust will be required to sign a contract once a Scholarship is awarded.

pdfDownload Beacon Award Acceptance Form