Which School?

The Beacon Equity Trust has partnered with 11 schools to offer The Beacon Scholarship. It is important for parents to decide which partner'Beacon School' is appropriate and check for Beacon Scholarship availability before applying for the scholarship. Guidance can be sought from their current school and from the Beacon Equity Trust.

Click here for details of partner Beacon Schools and for Beacon Scholarship availability.




All Beacon Schools offer a world class of study at secondary school level. The following decisions need to be made:

Boarding or Day?

Advantages of Boarding

    • daily coexistence leads to good friendships, with students and teachers
    • academic studies are blended with other activities such as sport
    • stability where one or both parents are either travelling or working long hours
    • fewer distractions, and television/screen usage is closely monitored
    • students learn to become independent and govern their own behaviour
    • reduced travel time

Advantages of Day

    • lower fees
    • more family time, and secure home environment
    • closer parental monitoring of problems at school and progress of study
    • local friendship groups
    • involvement in local community

Reputation vs Fit

All schools carry with them a certain cachet; perhaps it's their method of educating children, how they present themselves in their prospectus/website, or it may simply be a widely held view in the general community.

All parents however must satisfy themselves that a school is right for their child. This is a difficult decision and requires consideration of the following factors (from The Good Schools Guide):

    1. Look at the end product - do not judge a school exclusively by the bottom end because your child is young; identify where leavers are going and how they are rated by others. Consider how, and where, you want your child to end up;
    2. Choosing a school is a process of elimination. It is vital to see several schools - even if the first school you visit feels right, you should visit others to confirm or counter this instinct;
    3. Your gut reaction is important- the atmosphere should be tangible and excite you;
    4. Is the Head impressive? You don't have to like them but it helps; the Head really does make or break a school;
    5. Is there a member of staff at the school who is on the same wavelength as you? If your child is boarding there must be someone you can turn to and feel in tune with;
    6. Do you see your child sitting amongst the pupils at the school?
    7. Did you walk into the school and feel at home; did you come out from a school visit feeling good? If it doesn't feel right, it isn't right.

Click here for details of partner Beacon Schools and for Beacon Scholarship availability.