Beacon Schools

There are currently 11 schools partnered with The Beacon Equity Trust to offer The Beacon Scholarship. These schools have signed an agreement with The Beacon Equity Trust to:


(a) Fund one third of school fees for a Beacon Scholar: one third is funded by parents, and a final third by The Beacon Equity Trust;


(b) Appoint a Mentor: who provides a 'special level' of individual pastoral care  to Beacon Scholars. This requires the identification of a specific individual within the school, a Beacon Mentor, who is trained to ensure that the leadership talents of Beacon Scholars are maximised and performance issues effectively addressed, within timescales set by The Beacon Equity Trust;


(c) Report progress on 'Leadership Criteria': continually assess leadership qualities by providing to The Beacon Equity Trust a termly report on each scholar, called a Target Sheet, highlighting the scholar's progress on improving leadership qualities ie academic performance; achievement in sport, music or drama; building social influence; and citizenship;


(d) Build leadership: develop leadership potential by nurturing leadership attributes and finding roles and opportunities to expose Beacon Scholars to leadership;


(e) Be involved: by supporting Leadership days and Workshops run by The Beacon Equity Trust, by enabling Mentors to attend and offering school facilities, where available, to hold such events;


(f) Marketing: to promote the Beacon Scholarship as widely as possible, including on the school website and any relevant promotional materials generated by the school.


Qualifying schools are entitled to refer to themselves as Beacon Schools and partner The Beacon Equity Trust in the sourcing, assessment and selection of eligible candidates for The Beacon Scholarship.


Generally, there will be a maximum of one new Beacon Scholarship available each year at a Beacon School. Beacon Scholars will continue to be supported for each subsequent year of their secondary education up to the earliest of age 18 or their final year in secondary education, subject to performance.


It is unlikely that there will be more than 3 Beacon Scholars in a Beacon School at any given time.

Current Beacon Schools

Scholars at end 2017

Scholarships Vacancies 2018

Alliance Boys High School, Nairobi, Kenya 1 1
Brookhouse Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya 2 1
Greensteds International Senior School, Nakuru, Kenya 1 2
Hillcrest Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya 1 2
Haven of Peace Academy, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 0 3
International School of Kenya (ISK), Nairobi, Kenya 1 2
International School Moshi (ISM), Moshi, Tanzania 0 3
International School of Tanganyika (IST), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 0 3
Peponi Senior School, Nairobi, Kenya 0 3
Starehe Boys' Centre & School, Nairobi, Kenya 1 1
St. Andrew's Senior School & College, Turi, Kenya 2 1
St. Constantine's International Secondary School (SCIS), Arusha 0 3