Mentors are central to The Beacon Scholarship for University, and play an important role in the leadership development of Beacon Scholars so that they can make a difference when they return to their home country.

Their responsibilities include:

  • They must meet with Beacon Scholars at least twice a term, first to set targets, then at the end of term to assess performance against target;
  • They must send completed Target Sheets to The Beacon Equity Trust on time; Target Sheets serve as donor reports for the charity and are an important aspect of monitoring the investment in Beacon Scholars and their education;
  • They should be sufficiently trained to be able to offer tailored advice to Beacon Scholars on how to improve performance against targets;
  • They should be able to act in a pastoral or consultative capacity to Beacon Scholars for any issues or problems they are encountering in any aspect of university life;
  • They need to understand how to enhance leadership traits in Beacon Scholars within a university environment.

Mentoring 2