Away Country Mentoring

Away Country Mentors are central to The Beacon Scholarship for University, and play an important role in the leadership development of Beacon Scholars so that they can make a difference when they return to their home country.

Their responsibilities include:

  • They should try to meet with Beacon Scholars at least once a term, to review targets and provide pastoral support;
  • They must send completed Target Sheets to The Beacon Equity Trust on time; Target Sheets serve as donor reports for the charity and are an important aspect of monitoring the investment in Beacon Scholars and their education;
  • They should be sufficiently trained to be able to offer tailored advice to Beacon Scholars on how to improve performance against targets;
  • They should be able to act in a pastoral or consultative capacity to Beacon Scholars for any issues or problems they are encountering in any aspect of university life;
  • They need to understand how to enhance leadership traits in Beacon Scholars within a university environment.

To review Home Country duties and responsibilities please see Transitions.

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