New Scholar Eligibility

Up to five new Beacon Scholarships for University will be awarded each academic year, one to each partner university. The Beacon Scholarship for University is made possible through key Partnerships.

To begin the process of application, a candidate must first register and download a Nomination Form which must be completed by the Head of their current secondary school. The Nomination Form requires an endorsement that the candidate has strong academic and leadership potential, and the capability for successful completion of an undergraduate programme of study at a world-class university.

Once the candidate has an offer for entry into a Beacon partner university, they will be required to complete a full Beacon Scholarship Application Form and Financial Disclosure which will be sent to them.

Applications are then evaluated by the Beacon Equity Trust for evidence of leadership potential using the following criteria:

(a) Academic Performance

Grade requirements for entry into Beacon partner universities are high. Grade requirements vary by course, and a successful university entry is contingent on obtaining the required grades in the university offer.

(b) Achievement in Sport, Music or Drama

An applicant must have been more than just an active participant in sport, music or drama, and will need to provide evidence of some formal level of proficiency or accreditation.

New Scholar Eligibility 2

(c) Social Influence and Communication

The applicant must have held a position of responsibility in their school, or failing that provide some evidence of confidence amongst peers. They will be expected to undergo an interview which will give an indication of their aptitude and personality traits, and to participate in practical assessment exercises to establish their ability to form and develop relationships among peers.

(d) Citizenship

An applicant must be shown to have helped those less fortunate than themselves, or have done work in the community. Unselfishness, kindness and concern for others are key criteria for the Beacon Scholarship and Scholars will be required to show continuing evidence of their efforts in these areas.

(d) Other Factors

In addition to the above, other factors to be taken into account include:

  • Ability to study independently overseas (which necessarily involves consideration of the applicant's competence in English);
  • Financial need as evidenced in the Financial Disclosure;
  • The likely contribution of the candidate to other areas of university life;
  • Age - to be considered for the Beacon Scholarship candidates must be between the age of 18-21;
  • The applicant must be a Kenyan, Tanzanian or Ugandan national;
  • The likelihood of the candidate's return to their home country following the completion of their degree course. As part of the application candidates will be required to sign a declaration that they will return to their home country within one month of completion of their degree. 

PLEASE NOTE: KEY DATES for Nominations. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no advantage will be gainedfor early submission. Nominations and Applications received after the Closing Date will be considered for the next academic year.


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