Scholarship Renewal

The Beacon Scholar must apply annually for the renewal of the Scholarship - not later than the Closing Date for Scholarship Continuation.  The application will be reviewed by the Beacon Equity Trust in the light of the Award Acceptance Form signed by the Scholar and their parents.

The academic and general progress of the Beacon Scholar will be considered, along with their disciplinary record, parent/guardian participation and any other factors which were considered in the initial awarding of the Beacon Scholarship.  The Scholar and their parents are also expected to furnish The Beacon Equity Trust with details of any material changes to the information supplied in the initial Financial Disclosure. Following Financial Disclosure, if financial circumstances have changed significantly the proportion of fees a Scholar and their parents pay may be adjusted appropriately.

The Beacon Equity Trust will assess each Beacon Scholar on their progress on leadership qualities ie academic achievement, level of participation in sport, music or drama, social influence, and citizenship. The Beacon Equity Trust reserves the right to withdraw a Beacon Scholarship in the event of:

(a) repeated failure to achieve key leadership and performance targets; 

(b) failure of a Scholar or their parents to honour the terms in the Award Acceptance Form.

Please carefully read the Policy Guidelines document below before applying.

 pdfPolicy Guidelines for The Beacon Scholarship for University

 pdfDownload Beacon Scholarship Continuation Application

 xlsDownload Financial Disclosure - Scholarship Continuation