The Beacon Hardship Fund

Hardship1The Beacon Hardship Fund has been set up to provide a source of emergency funds for current or prospective Beacon Scholars. Under the standard Beacon model, parents/sponsors/guardians of Beacon Scholars fund one third of educational fees. The Hardship Fund allows for back-up support for this one third share, in cases of financial distress.

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The Hardship Fund will only be used where evidence is provided of exceptional circumstances and where no other funding sources are available, for example:

  1. Temporary bridge for an existing Beacon Scholar's share of school/university costs where there is unforeseen financial difficulty;
  2. School or university extras which are deemed essential for a Beacon Scholar;
  3. Leadership development initiatives for Beacon Scholars which require a financial commitment;
  4. Temporary part-sponsorship of a high potential candidate for a Beacon Scholarship where a family is unable to fully fund their one third share of fees.
It is intended that the Hardship Fund will be funded by donations outside The Beacon Equity Trust. Donation sources include the following:
  • Fundraising efforts of Beacon Scholars
  • Parents of existing Beacon Scholars
  • Individuals
  • Institutions
  • Societies
  • Educational Trusts

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The fund cannot operate at a deficit and can only make disbursements once an initial available balance funded by donations exceeds £20,000.

The Beacon Hardship Fund is governed by a Constitution.

Applicants who wish to obtain funding from the Beacon Hardship Fund must first complete an Application for Financial Assistance.


Contributors include: