Ajay Sood

Ajay SoodAjay Sood was born in Kisumu, Kenya and has lived in the UK for the past 30 years. He attended Pembroke House School in Gilgil, Kenya becoming Head Boy there, after which he emigrated with his family to Canada where he finished his schooling, obtained degrees in Commerce and in Law and was called to the Ontario Bar. He later completed an MBA at London Business School and worked in general management for American Express. With Antonia, his wife, he co-founded and ran for 16 years a publishing business in the finance and management sectors, a major part of which was sold to a public company in the UK in 2004; the minor part was sold in 2008. Ajay's expertise is primarily in new ventures and leadership.

Having set up The Beacon Scholarship in Kenya and taken it beyond the pilot phase, Ajay is looking at opportunities to bring in external partners and to take the Beacon model into other countries.

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Antonia Sood

Antonia SoodAntonia Sood was born in the UK and completed a degree in Russian at the University of Bristol. She worked for the UK Ministry of Defence then, after travelling widely, worked in the third world aid sector focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa. She subsequently completed an MBA at London Business School, after which she worked in financial publishing before co-founding a publishing business. The business was successfully sold after 16 years and since then Antonia has been involved in local community projects. Antonia's expertise is primarily in sales & marketing and sponsorship/fundraising.

Having set up the Beacon Scholarship with Ajay in 2008, Antonia is now leading the development of The Beacon Scholarship for University, a tertiary scholarship for top Kenyan students into international universities. 

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