Beacon Transitions

Beacon Transitions is a programme designed to assist and mentor Beacon Scholars as they travel up the vertical 'pathway' through secondary and tertiary levels of education and move into the workplace.

The Transitions Programme targets those points in the education chain where choices have to be made and Scholars prepared for the next step in their development. Additionally, Beacon Transitions is building a panel of Home Country Mentors who will help and guide Beacon Scholars studying overseas, and keep them connected to their home country.



Between secondary start and tertiary start

- Choice of university; choice of course; preparation for university entry – applications and admissions process; preparation for international education

- International pre-departure assistance including travel, visas, health and vaccinations, residential arrangements

- ‘Matched’ pairing with Beacon Home Country Mentor who may be able to help find holiday internships/work experience/placements, and provide career counselling

Between tertiary start and workplace start

- International arrival and continuation – Beacon Away Country Mentors living close to universities assist with orientation and settlement including residential installation, catering, banking, holiday arrangements; Away Country Mentors maintain pastoral contact with Scholars, meeting them regularly and reviewing progress and performance 

- Role modelling – enabling observation, interaction with and learning from leaders in action; job shadowing

- Preparation for return to country/region of origin, including network access and widening; career counselling; CV and interview preparation

- Choice of post-graduate institution, where appropriate

- Planned Events – debates, heritage-sharing (African history, economy, culture, displacement, human rights issues, role of philanthropy, gender-focused seminars)

Beyond workplace start

- Re-involvement with Beacon: recruitment and selection of Scholars, fundraising, re-join Beacon as a Home Country Mentor