Our Model

We select all-rounders who (a) have the capacity to 'take people with them' and (b) are already making a difference now. We enable them to access top schools and universities through scholarships using a stakeholder model: education costs are split 1/3 Beacon Partners; 1/3 Beacon; and 1/3 Parents, Sponsors or Guardians. Each Scholar meets with their individual Mentor at least 4 times a year and reviews Performance Targets. We offer two Leadership Trainings a year, and Scholars must do a Citizenship Project. 

Find young people with 'leadership potential' and financial need
Provide scholarships to world-class partner schools and universities
Overlay mentoring and leadership development trainings
Create an efficient vertical ‘pathway’ for transitions into leadership positions
Develop a group of ethical change-makers who have a ‘multiplier effect’ to generate positive social change