Donations & Hardship Fund

Donations to The Beacon Equity Trust

Public donations are accepted by The Beacon Equity Trust, principally into its Hardship Fund.

The Beacon Hardship Fund has been set up to provide a source of emergency funds for current or prospective Beacon Scholars. Under the standard Beacon model, parents/sponsors/guardians of Beacon Scholars fund one third of educational fees. The Hardship Fund allows for back-up support for this one third share, in cases of financial distress. 

Donations can be made to The Beacon Hardship Fund by contacting us at and advising details.

Scholars and Scholarship Candidates who wish to obtain funding from the Beacon Hardship Fund must first complete an Application for Financial Assistance to which they will be directed, or sent in appropriate circumstances. 

Donations by The Beacon Equity Trust

The Beacon Equity Trust has occasionally made donations to support other educational causes, but this is a very small part of its activities and we regret that we are not able to respond to unsolicited applications for funding.