Thank you for registering your interest in The Beacon Scholarship for Schools. 

Please click below to download the Nomination Form which must be completed by the Head of your current school.


Instructions for completion and next steps:

  1. Download the Nomination Form and save it to your computer.
  2. Send the Nomination Form by email as an attachment to your Head of school explaining that you wish to be nominated for The Beacon Scholarship for Schools. Ask your Head to complete the form and send it to Beacon (all instructions are supplied in the form).
  3. Beacon will acknowledge receipt of your Nomination by email to your Head copying you. If you have not heard from Beacon within two weeks of sending the Nomination to your Head, please contact your Head to make sure your form has been completed and sent to Beacon. Please do not contact Beacon unless you have first checked with your Head.
  4. Beacon will review your Nomination, and if you are deemed a suitable candidate, invite you to complete a full Application Form.

docBeacon Scholarship for Schools Nomination Form


If your Head is unable to complete and submit electronically, or would prefer to hand write a Nomination, please email and request a Nomination Form which can be completed manually.