Grace Muema

Grace Muema Large

12 years old, attending Peponi House Preparatory School, Nairobi. Grace was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2014.

Grace has a positive attitude alongside a quiet reserve. She scored mainly Bs for attainment and 2s, with some 1s, for effort. She has moved to the top Maths set and excels at computing. She ended the year in a higher position than at the start of the year.

Grace got distinction in Grade 3 Singing, took part in the school play and verse-speaking, and captained the 4th hockey team. At the Hackathon Young Programmers event she led her team to victory, and was invited back to Nairobi Uni during Innovation Week to receive her prize, where she gave a speech in front of 300 adults.

Reliable and considerate, Grace has been a supportive influence in the form and receptive to the needs of those around her. Popular with her peers, she is quick to help others and is a good role model. She applied to be Head Girl (one of 11 applying), giving a confident and thoughtful speech in front of the school on why she felt she would be good in the role. Grace has worked with her uncle on a project to make eco-friendly briquettes. She learnt to make them and then cooked lunch using them. She helped her brother with ‘Share a Smile’, taking clothes donations to the needy. She took part in the Hog Charge, and this year her team successfully completed the challenge on time.

Grace's father works in consulting, farming and real estate; her mother works in the NGO sector.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Grace's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about teaching children English in Kawangware Primary School. 

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At Leadership Workshops, Grace shows intelligence, a good attitude and quiet confidence. Her Citizenship Project presentation was clear and confident.