Nyawira Mburia

Nyawira Large

16 years old, attending Peponi School in Nairobi. Nyawira was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2016.

Although Nyawira has found this a tough year, she has had a positive attitude and has striven to try to meet her targets. She has had mainly 2s and 3s for effort and Bs and Cs for attainment, although excellent grades in English, for which she received a prize at Speech Day. In her iGCSE’s she achieved 1A, 5B’s and 2C’s.

In her last year at Greensteds, she was in the school play, was Runner up Vocalist of the Year, played a lead violin role in the orchestra, passed Grade 2 Violin with Merit, and was in the hockey team. A finalist in the Yale World Scholars debate, she was also Best Debater v Turi in the Rhino Cup, took part in Spoken Word nights, and was awarded Best Performing Artist of the Year.

Nyawira set a great example to others while at Greensteds. She spread awareness of environmental issues, amongst staff as well as pupils, and has motivated and ‘taken others with her’ with projects around the school. She has also set up an environmental service club at school. With her passion for recycling plastics, she has arranged collection points around the school, re-using these plastics for construction purposes, such as resurfacing paths and building walls. She also introduced this concept to a school in Donholm. She helped carry out enrichment projects with an orphanage and interacted with visiting primary pupils.

Nyawira's father works in the administration of a school, and her mother works part-time as a lecturer in law.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Nyawira's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about Plastic Recycling in Donholm, Nairobi. 

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In Leadership Workshops she was a good negotiator, critical and speaking up for others. She has a good command of language and expresses herself well. She gave a powerful and well thought out Citizenship Project presentation.