Anne Arum

Anne Arum Large 220 years old, attending University of Surrey, UK. Anne was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Anne is studying towards a BSc in Economics and Maths. She worked hard and achieved an overall first in her second year. For her third year she obtained a placement year with Sony in London. She attended virtual financial ‘Lunch and Learns’, reads the FT updates daily and has completed online EXCEL courses through LinkedIn.

Anne has continued to train and compete in karate, moving up a Kyu, using YouTube during lockdown. Before that, she was also competing in canoeing. She was prepared for the tough 3 Peaks Challenge, but this has been postponed until 2021. She joined a running club and completes three 5km runs per week and is aiming to increase this distance.

As an international ambassador, she produces a weekly blog and conducts campus tours. She made videos and hosted webinars when regular open days were cancelled. She is a mentor to her peers and was the VP for the Karate Club, where she increased the membership and trained a new committee before passing on her role. She also participated in fortnightly debates.

Anne has volunteered as Sustainability Engagement and Action Leader for her Halls and joined in weekly People and Planet Society activities and discussions. She also volunteered to help Freshers feel welcome and was elected as a Course Rep for next year. She helped the Catholic Society raise money for Hope for Children and was a Lector in the Carol Service.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Anne's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was using 'Revive the Green', an ambitious youth awareness environmental programme in Kenya, to set up a secure platform for local farmers to gather information on tree planting.


In Leadership Workshops, Anne is confident and speaks clearly. She marshals a team well and is prepared to argue her points.