Areeg Emarah

Areeg Large19 years old, attending the University of Cambridge, UK. Areeg was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May 2017.

Areeg is in her second year studying towards a 4-year engineering degree (MEng) at Trinity College, Cambridge. In her A-Levels, she achieved the top score in Africa for Physics, and in Kenya for Maths. She was Head Girl at both her Secondary and her Primary school in Kenya, and is a black belt in Taekwondo - she has been training in this sport for 10 years. She was a member of the third Trinity Boatclub Team and has enjoyed beating other colleges' first and second teams. She has joined the University's 3D Club and is helping build a contraption for the Heath Robinson Museum. 

Areeg was elected as first year rep in the Trinity Engineering Society and as the Trinity CATS rep (cancer awareness); and as Trinity Overseas Welfare Officer for the second year. She is a great influencer and fundraiser, both for her College through a telethon, and for external charities through the launch of May Week Alternative. She has also worked as a mentor for Target Oxbridge, and has helped other Kenyan students who are applying to Cambridge.

Areeg interned with one of her Professors at Cambridge University during the summer 2018.

Areeg's father is a lecturer in plastic surgery, also volunteering his time to 'Smile Train', a charity focused on cleft lip and palate surgeries; her mother is a Consultant Dermatologist. Both have focused their professional lives on improving lives in the Eldoret area of Kenya.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Areeg's 2018 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on the launch of May Week Alternative at Cambridge.


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


At Leadership Workshops, Areeg is self-assured and confident, involving herself fully in all activities. She is a good team player, consistently offering to take the lead and to involve others.