Areeg Emarah

Areeg Emarah Large22 years old, attending the University of Cambridge, UK. Areeg was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May 2017.

Areeg is studying towards an MEng in Information and Computer Engineering. She has worked hard this year, and this paid off in strong results in both coursework and exams. Her grades averaged a good 2(i), but due to Covid disruption and open book exams, all her year group have been awarded a Pass for the year. Areeg remained positive during lockdown, and her summer internship with Vivacity Labs went ahead online.

She remains committed to her photography, taking part in a project for @camdiary during lockdown. She has also undertaken projects to improve her coding and machine learning skills, including attending a Google BGN Hackathon. Areeg continues to work on rehabilitation of her knee and is gradually building up her running distance.

Areeg has continued to make a very positive contribution to her college and her subject faculty. Through Cambridge University Engineering Society (CUES), she acted as mentor to other students and contributed to a project to improve her course. 

As Outreach Officer, Areeg built on her work for May Week Alternative; student participation and donations increased in spite of lockdown, with a total raised of over £100,000 from 400 participants. She campaigned fiercely on the issue of Access, both for Engineering (initiated first ever CUES Access day), and for undergraduates from Africa.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Areeg's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on improving access to the University of Cambridge for undergraduates from Africa.


In Leadership Workshops, Areeg is a very positive team member, encouraging others, contributing ideas and using good questioning skills. She is also a passionate presenter.