Arthur Ddamulira

Arthur Ddamulira Large219 years old, attending Cardiff University, UK.  Arthur was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2020.

Arthur is studying towards an LLB in Law. He is from Makerere College School in Uganda and achieved AAA in History, Entrepreneurship and Literature. He is described as ‘consistently top of the class’.

He was Best Debater and semi-finalist in the Ugandan Schools Championships in 2019. He also played rugby at regional level and took part in acting, dancing and was orator for competitions. He was the President of Debate and Red Cross clubs, Deputy Head Prefect and later Head Prefect and Chair of the Students’ Council. He started public speaking tutorials and the ‘Keep Macos Green’ campaign to plant trees in school.

Arthur was Scouts President, organised zebra crossing painting on campus and worked with MIA Foundation to help Uganda Cancer Institute. With the Student Council he raised funds to help those unable to pay school fees and volunteered to train 13 to 19-year olds in debating skills, and encouraged them to channel anxieties into poetry.

Beacon Workshop Participation

As a new Beacon Scholar, Arthur spoke about his service activities. As a volunteer with Writing Our World Uganda, he helped train 13-19 year olds in debating skills.  He also volunteered with Poetry Verses Uganda to help street children channel their anxieties through poetry.