Awuor Onguru

Awuor Large16 years old, attending International School of Kenya (ISK), Nairobi. Awuor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2015. 

Awuor is doing very well academically and was inducted into her school's National Honours Society - one of only two 10th graders to achieve this - based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. She won the Grade 10 Academic Excellence Award for the Creative Arts. She is very active in Music, playing first violin at the 10th Anniversary Concert of the Nairobi Orchestra, and continuing her involvement with the school concert choir and orchestra. She won a scholarship to attend the Interlochen Creative Arts Summer Camp, where she won the top award, for outstanding achievement in both performance and citizenship. She also came 8th out of 48 when representing her school at shotput and discus, and was Captain and goalkeeper for the JV Hockey team.

Awuor was elected Class President for her school year and was appointed leader of ARTSCO, which promotes the Arts programme in the school. Having started up a Middle School World Scholars Cup club three years ago, she has now trained and mentored two 8th graders to take over leadership of the club. She also initiated a staff appreciation week, where the students organised a lunch for the ground staff, and an artistic mural tribute.

Through her regular and continuing work with Ghetto Classics, Awuor acts as a role model to inspire others that anything is possible with hard work and determination. At school, Awuor has helped her friends and clubs with fundraising and charity events.

Awuor's father runs an advertising agency, and her mother works at Unicef.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Awuor's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project continued her work with Ghetto Classics. She successfully forged a link between her school and the work of Ghetto Classics to sustain her project going forward

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At Leadership Workshops, Awuor has great stage presence, asking questions and wanting to be involved. She has strong influence among her peers and is very good at marshalling her team to work on various tasks. She is not afraid to give contrary opinions.