Daisy Katongo

Daisy Katongo Large

17 years old, attending Baobab College, Lusaka, Zambia. Daisy was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2024.

Daisy previously attended Ashford Academy, Lusaka where she was frequently top of her class. She has shown high academic achievement across the curriculum and was awarded Most Outstanding Performance 2023 for her accomplishments.

Daisy is involved in many co-curricular activities: she had a prominent role in the year end musical drama, actively contributing as a lead actor and writer; she was a member of the school netball and volleyball teams and took part in the STEM club and multi-debate club.

Showing promising leadership qualities, Daisy was Head Girl at Ashford Academy. She is described as a self-confident individual who motivates others. Additional leadership roles have included Dorm Monitor and Class Representative within the Student Council.

Through her Student Council roles, Daisy has been involved in motivational speaking, community goal setting, and donations. She also volunteers at the Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation, ushering events and aiding children.