Gloria Tergat

Gloria Tergat Large122 years old, attending London School of Economics, UK. Gloria was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for School in March 2013, and for University in June 2018.

Gloria is studying towards a BSc in Social Policy. She has now specialised in Development within her degree and was very pleased to achieve a high 2.1 in her first module for the new department, as well as in her core Social Policy modules. She attended several workshops to help with essay writing and exam preparation; and successfully secured a summer internship, financially supported by LSE.

She sang a beautiful classical solo at an LSE scholars’ event. She has attended a gym 3-4 times a week and completed a 30-day workout challenge and a 10,000 steps challenge, encouraging others to do it too. She has attended two art exhibitions and watched cookery masterclasses then tried out some of the recipes for herself.

Gloria has watched a Masterclass series on Creativity and Leadership to use for her own business Dira Dada, for which she has succeeded in getting 250 followers on her Instagram account, and has already sold out and restocked dresses.

Gloria is passionate about empowering women through education, and was able to pursue this interest by volunteering with the Wonder Foundation, a woman-led charity based in Brixton, UK; she also did her summer internship here.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Gloria's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project continued her work on enhancing personal development and empowering girls at Tuum Secondary School in Samburu.

At Leadership Workshops, she is positive, interactive, a good contributor and she processes well. Gloria is also creative and original.