Grace Muema

Grace Large

11 years old, attending Peponi House Preparatory School, Nairobi. Grace was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2014.

Grace has a positive attitude and a mature work ethic, achieving all 1's or2's for Effort. She is particularly talented in IT and creating digital media, and has been identified for extra training by her IT tutor. She contributes well in most lessons and brings a love of learning and a joie de vivre to all tasks. She sings in the choir and is working towards her London College of Music Grade 2 Voice exam. In sport, she made progress and achieved her personal target in swimming; she is a good team player and always ready to encourage her team mates.

Grace is popular with her peers, and able to get on with a wide range of people. She enjoyed her time as class prefect and has now become personal assistant to her administration tutor. Her 2016&17 Beacon Citizenship Projects were about animal conservation, particularly elephants, and this has become an ongoing project for her. She used her birthday as a platform for raising money for the project, asking for donations instead of presents, and encouraged her friends to do the same. She has taken part in the Nairobi Hospice walk, and shows a keen interest in what’s going on in the world.

Grace's father works in consulting, farming and real estate; her mother works in the NGO sector. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

Grace's Summer 2018 Beacon Citizenship Project was about the Production of Briquettes in Mau Forest. 


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


At Leadership Workshops, Grace is confident in expressing her views and is willing to take the lead in most activities. She is articulate and has strong stage presence when presenting; she is a good strategist with some great ideas.