Irene Githatu

2021 Irene large16 years old, attending Greensteds International School, Nakuru, Kenya. Irene was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Irene strives to excel, aiming for the highest grades, and was rewarded with all A* or A grades in her iGCSE results. She was also awarded Certificates of Merit for French and for Outstanding Achievement in Year 11.

She has taken a violin Masterclass and has been practising in preparation for her Grade 5 violin exam. She has played in the school band and has applied to join the Safaricom National Band. Elected Sports Captain for her house, she joined the school netball team and played in the school’s netball league.

During online learning, Irene created a WhatsApp group to support her classmates with resources. This proved to be so successful that she continued with discussion groups and tutor sessions when back at school, to study and prepare for exams. She attended a Barbed Wire leadership course learning teamwork, creativity and problem-solving.

She has supported the children at Israel Faith’s children’s home, helping out several times during the year and initiating a campaign to raise funds, getting others involved. She also participated in a flower sale to raise funds for a school health project.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Irene's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about empowering children at Israel Faith Children's Home to be self-sufficient.

In Leadership Workshops, she has improved in her confidence. Irene is a strong contributor, answers questions well and takes criticism positively. She has a good stage presence and gave an engaging presentation.