Lawrence Mutua

Lawrence Large15 years old, attending St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi. Lawrence was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2014.

Despite missing several weeks of school due to injury and some internet challenges at the start of online learning, Lawrence’s approach to learning is commendable and he has tried hard to catch up with what he has missed. His Effort grades are all now 1s and 2s. He met his target grades, achieving mainly 7s and 6s in his exams.

He was Captain of the school U15 Cricket team and was a key member of the U15 Hockey team, achieving a silver medal at the Inter-Schools Tournament. He was awarded his colours for football. He was working to complete the Bronze Challenge of the President’s award, but this was postponed due to COVID.  Lawrence is a popular and active team player. He aimed to be a Baraza leader during Round Square week, but this had to be cancelled. He taught some of his classmates Kiswahili so that they could communicate better in the service project, and led a group to create educative charts for this. He gave an inspiring presentation in assembly.

He has shown laudable commitment to his library project in the informal settlement. This provides a place for exam candidates to work, as closure of schools has left many with no studying facilities. He convinced former classmates to help there. Through Turi projects, he helped in local schools and donated clothes to the less fortunate.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lawrence's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about organising support for people living with disability in Mukuru Kwa Reuben.


In Leadership Workshops, he is inquisitive, confident and is not afraid to give contrary opinions.