Lawrence Mutua

Lawrence Large13 years old, attending St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi. Lawrence was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June, 2014.

Lawrence passed his Common Entrance into St Andrew's Senior School, where he was awarded a sports scholarship on top of his Beacon scholarship. His teachers report that he is focused and hard-working and participates enthusiastically in class, with a mature and positive attitude. Lawrence is a confident, competitive pupil who thrives on the sports field. He has represented his school in athletics, cricket, rugby, football and hockey, often as Captain, as well as improving his skills in horse-riding, water polo and tennis. He was awarded his hockey colours. He demonstrates great commitment and sportsmanship, and was nominated for Sportsman of the Year. 

Lawrence was selected as Elgon House Captain and was also made a Prefect last year in recognition of his leadership skills. He is very good at motivating his team and others see him as a leader - which is how he sees himself, too.

Lawrence's Beacon Citizenship projects in 2016 and 2017 focused on understandfing disparities between the rich and the poor, and the challenges of life in informal settlements.

Lawrence comes from a highly disadvantaged background. He is supported by a sponsor who is extraordinarily committed to him and his family.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lawrence's Summer 2018 Beacon Citizenship Project was about setting up a Community Library in Mukuru Kwa Reuben Informal Settlement. 


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In Leadership Workshops he expresses himself clearly and confidently and has a practical approach to problem solving. He is quick to volunteer and can work under pressure. He is a natural leader.