Lawrence Mutua

Lawrence Large14 years old, attending St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi. Lawrence was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June, 2014.

Lawrence has made a good start at senior school. He is generally attentive and motivated to do well, making insightful contributions in class. He achieved or exceeded his target grades in 6 out of 10 subjects in the end of year exams and his effort grades were mainly 1s and 2s.

Lawrence has produced performances of exceptional quality in football, cricket and athletics. He was in the U15 Soccer team, where he helped the school win the International Schools of Kenya Football League. He was also in the U15 Cricket team and helped his house to 2nd place in Athletics. He has joined the President’s Award Scheme. He was Kerio House Vice Captain, where he displayed good leadership traits. He is well respected by his peers and a good team player. He volunteered for service at local schools and led groups when they went out into the community. He helped new pupils settle in and made friends with pupils who were being excluded in the school community.

Together with other Year 9 pupils, Lawrence visited Chazon Children’s Home and spent time with the children. He visited Turi Children’s Project and assisted in feeding the children porridge. He also visited Green Park Primary School to teach and play with the children, a role he fulfilled very well.

Lawrence comes from a highly disadvantaged background. He is supported by a sponsor who is extraordinarily committed to him and his family.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lawrence's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about launching a Community Library in Mukuru Kwa Reuben Informal Settlement. 

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At Leadership Workshops, he had good attitude and involvement, and expressed himself well. His Citizenship Project presentation was confident and well explained.