Malaika Njema

Malaika Large14 years old, attending King's College Taunton, UK. Malaika was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May, 2013.

Malaika has excelled academically during her first year at King's College Taunton, and was awarded the top academic prize for her year. She also achieved a Silver Certificate in the Royal Society of Biology Challenge - an unusual achievement for one so young. All her teachers report an excellent, hard-working, dedicated attitude towards her academic studies. She has been active on the sports field, especially in Athletics, where she represented the school in long jump and pole vault. She also reached Grade 3 standard in Drums, and was selected as drummer for the Junior Jazz Band, and is now studying for Rock School Grade 2.

Malaika is well-respected among her peers and is a generous and positive role model in the boarding house. She particularly helped the non-English speaking girls to settle in. Malaika was elected the youngest ever intern at Wildlife Direct, following the work done on her 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project working with the outreach team.

Malaika's father is a manager in Coca-Cola; her mother works in the Ministry of Water.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Malaika's Summer 2018 Beacon Citizenship Project involved working with less fortunate children in a formal school established by Beacon of Hope organisation. 


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At Leadership Workshops, Malaika is a good listener, kind and helpful to others. She is an effective team player, innovative and constructive, with very good ideas.