Miguel Obwaka

Miguel Obwaka Large14 years old, attending the International School of Kenya, Nairobi. Miguel was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Miguel has strong study habits and is dedicated to his work. He has done well to quickly adapt from an 8-4-4 system to the very different ISK system. He achieved his targets to get 3s in Maths and Science and exceeded his French target. His teachers praise his effort and say he is a pleasure to teach.

He has represented his school in the 1st football team, scoring a number of goals. He also participated in Middle School track and field events, where he was an active member of the team and played in the basketball B-team. Miguel learned the alto saxophone, progressed quickly and now plays in the Concert Band. He has also learnt 3-D printing.

As an important and valued member of his Advisory Group, his willingness to participate and lead in activities make him a role model for others. He joined a Planning Committee for a school event and encouraged another student to join.

Miguel participated in the Karura Forest Service Learning, and started involvement with Plastiki Rafiki, collecting plastic waste in his community. He started working on his summer project, liaising with the Head of the primary school, making flyers and sending them out via Instagram and WhatsApp, and arranging drop-off points for collecting the books.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Miguel's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about populating the library of Nyanginja Primary School in Kisumu.


In Leadership Workshops, Miguel is a good team player, integrates easily and is willing to try anything. He volunteers readily and has a fun and light-hearted influence on the group.