Miguel Obwaka

Miguel Obwaka Large13 years old, attending the International School of Kenya, Nairobi. Miguel was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Miguel previously attended St Mary’s School, Nairobi, a Kenyan 844 system school. He is academically outstanding compared to his peers and recently stood 3rd in his class, with a score well above the class mean. He is a conscientious learner, with all A’s for conduct. In 2018 he was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in the Golden Ratio Maths Contest; he was 3rd in an inter-class Science Competition in 2016 and 2017 and was best in Computer Sciences in 2016. His favourite subjects are Science, Maths and English.

Miguel is highly skilled at football. He has been Soccer Captain at Kipaji Soccer Academy, and was part of a team representing Africa in the Evima Cup in Bansko, Bulgaria in Aug 2018. He is also learning saxophone, and keen to continue in secondary school. Miguel has great social interactive skills amongst his peers, and encourages them to improve and be more focused: he helps them with their Maths and football.He collects clothes for children in the village where his grandparents live. At school he has started collecting plastic bottles and encourages his school mates not to throw litter.

Miguel’s father is a doctor at Nairobi Hospital, and his mother an entrepreneur with a fast-expanding catering business.

Beacon Workshop Participation


As a new Beacon Scholar, Miguel was invited to speak about a service activity at the Beacon Leadership Symposium 2019. He talked about how he introduced football to boys in his upcountry village who herd cows all day, with little time for leisure, He donated a soccer ball to them when he saw they could only afford a ball made from screwed up paper.