Mushabe Rutega

Mushabe Large16 years old, attending UWC East Africa, Moshi. Mushabe was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Mushabe is an able and enthusiastic student whose attainment grades were mainly 6s and 7s. He did well in on-line tests and consequently received an Honours Award. He has good analytical skills and understanding, and is able to discuss and evaluate what he has learnt.

He has increasingly involved himself in extra-curricular activities this year. He played in an inter-school basketball team and was Assistant Stage Manager in the school production. He had saxophone lessons, did a 10-week Home Workout during COVID and got accepted into the International John Hopkins University Summer Program.

Mushabe has worked hard at becoming more confident socially, especially when speaking in public or to strangers, and he influenced classmates to join in the school play. He helped the younger pupils in his dorm with homework and started tutor groups for younger residential students to help them become more independent learners.

Despite the limitations imposed by COVID, Mushabe has sought out ways to continue his involvement with service projects. He has designed and launched a website detailing service projects at the school (UWCEA Footprints) and will run this next year. He followed up his summer project, had meetings with the Rotary Club, and started the latrine building project before the COVID outbreak.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Mushabe's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about sensitising children on the correct use of hygiene, sanitation and disease at Ntinda School for the Deaf in Kampala.


In Workshops, Mushabe is positive, interactive and a good contributor. His confidence has improved and he is passionate when presenting what he believes in.