Naikena Mutulili

Naikena Mutulili Large1

19 years old, attending Cardiff University, UK. Naikena was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Naikena is studying towards a BSc in Neuroscience, and achieved an overall 1st this year. She has written weekly essays for revision and begun to read ahead into the 3rd year content. She has read neuroscience articles, and had a lab placement organised, although it had to be cancelled. She studied French on Duolingo and has opened a LinkedIn account.

Naikena performed in Society Go Global showcase and participated in AfroJam, writing a report for the SU and co-ordinating committee elections online. She has started re-learning the violin and joined an orchestra. She is also a member of the Afro Caribbean Society. During lockdown she kept fit by running 12-15km per week.

She co-founded Afrojam, a dance group of 30 members, and is Secretary for Afrogene, organising socials for them. Naikena has been Neuroscience Rep for two years, relaying feedback from her peers, and is part of the Executive Education Committee for the university, receiving regular updates from the VP of Education on changes for next year.

Naikena also achieved her Advanced Student Mentor Certificate, and mentored 11 first year students, holding regular meetings with them. She continues to run the social media pages for Freedom Within Kenya, her citizenship project, and has joined the volunteering charity Wag this Way.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Naikena's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was a donation campaign for women and babies in Embu Women's Prison. It was done with her sister Shakinar, also a Beacon Scholar.


In Leadership Workshops, Naikena is passionate, engaged and speaks clearly and with confidence. She is good at influencing and leading people and can be analytical, giving helpful comments in discussions.