Nakae Ngayani

Nakae Ngayani Large13 years old, attending Brookhouse School, Nairobi. Nakae was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2020.

Nakae continues her studies at Brookhouse, where last year she achieved mainly A’s, and 1's for effort. Her Headteacher describes her as a diligent, hardworking student with an exemplary attitude towards her academics.

She won Most Valued Player in Netball and was selected to represent Kenya in the IAPS Netball squad to tour the UK. She was Captain of the Rounders team and was also in the Basketball and Athletics teams. She came first in IAPS Javelin in Dec 2019 and won the Sportsmanship Award in her first year. She was in the school play and ‘Brookhouse Has Talent’.

As Head Girl Prep Leader and House Captain, she helped younger children with their homework and won best Prep Boarder Award. She was selected to be student leader and Rika Rep, and helped to organise and host the IAPS Head Boys and Girls meeting at the school.

Nakae helped create a CD to sell at the Christmas Fair to raise money for the Seed Academy building project and helped host a party for 45 children from Seed Academy. As a boarder, she visited Kenyatta Hospital to play with and read stories to children in the cancer ward. In the long holiday, together with a group of friends, she helps other Maasai children with their studies.

Beacon Workshop Participation

As a new Beacon Scholar, Nakae spoke about her service activity, together with a group of friends, helping younger Maasai children with their studies.